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The Stonehaven and District Community Council meet the second Tuesday of each month

The Stonehaven and District Community Council meet the second Tuesday of each month

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The Stonehaven and District Community Council are to have their elections this coming month with 17 places available in the council.

Nomination forms are available from the Stonehaven Library and should be completed and returned to the returning officer by Friday March 21.

Rachel Shanks a Stonehaven and District Community Councillor said: “I stood for election to the Community Council because I read in the Mearns Leader that at the time there were no women members. I feel it’s important that the Community Council is representative of the population of Stonehaven.”

Mearns FM chairman and community councillor Peter Greig said: “I joined the Community Council in 2010 and during that time I took on the role as planning secretary sharing the role with my colleague Andrew Newton.

“I also took on the responsibility of organising the Christmas Tree which appears in the Market Square every year and that alone requires careful planning, and in the 3 years I have been involved in that, I have seen the popularity of the tree light switch on involving the Kids of Stonehaven grow year on year and it gives me great satisfaction to have played a part in that happening.

“If you as an individual relish a challenge then it makes sense to get involved in the community you live in and try and help to make it an even better place to live and bring up your families, why wouldn’t you want to if the opportunity arose to do just that.”

Returning Officer for the elections Raymond Christie said: “I would like to see nominations from all sections of the Community, women and young people have been under represented on recent Councils, so I would encourage them to apply.

“Community Councils play an important role by representing their community in vital issues that arise.”

If there are more than 17 nominations, an election will be held on April 11 and 12.