Popcorn, Fluffy, Princess and Superman raise a flap

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Fluffy, Cinders, Superman, Bria, Popcorn and Princess were welcomed to the world on Easter Sunday to the delight of Great Western.

The pre-school in Portlethen welcomed six chicks over Easter, with the children being actively involved in the process from start to finish which included naming them.

The 49 children and seven staff were heavily involved after receiving eggs from Fettercairn from a friend of a relative of the staff.

The process has seen an incubator set up in the class room and children checking the temperature and the eggs on a daily basis through the 21-day cycle.

Since they were hatching over the Easter weekend, staff members gave up their time to go in and make sure everything was okay.

The new arrivals have proved popular with everyone at Great Western as parents have been very keen to catch a glimpse of the animals.

The newly hatched chicks will stay with the pre-school in Portlethen for a few weeks before being re-homed with manager Nikki Reid.

Hayley Redpath, from Great Western pre school, said: ‘‘It has been really interesting for the children to see the process through from the egg to hatching, and it has also covered a lot in our curriculum.”




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