Referendum graffiti sparks appeal for information

Little Farrochie Place was one of the streets targetted with graffiti.

Little Farrochie Place was one of the streets targetted with graffiti.

Police Scotland are appealing for information after several homes and vehicles in Stonehaven were vandalised with referendum-based graffiti.

Spray painted slogans, including the word ‘NO’, appeared on walls and cars in the last few weeks.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “The vandalism happened between 12am and 9am on Saturday June 28, 2014, and 1am and 6.30am on Sunday July 6, 2014.

The areas where the graffiti occurred include Hunter Drive, Martin Drive, Farburn Drive, Kirkton Road, Martin Place, Little Farrochie Place and Redcloak Crescent.

Stonehaven resident John Dickens, whose mother’s house was one of those vandalised, said that he as “furious” about the incident.

He added: “It’s terrible. It is a cowardly thing to do.

“This was a deliberate act, someone has gone out to purposefully vandalise property, with a political message.”

The Mearns Leader has also been contacted via Twitter by another victim, who said that they had found a note with the word ‘scum’ on it on their car, after displaying a pro-independence sticker.

‘Yes’ stickers have also been placed on street signs in the town.

If anyone has any information please contact Police Scotland on 101.




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