Bowie backs North East as 'net zero capital' as new UK energy strategy announced

Local MP Andrew Bowie has backed the UK Government’s British Energy Security Strategy (BESS) stating that it can be fulfilled “right here” in the North East.

By Morag Kuc
Friday, 8th April 2022, 9:43 am
Andrew Bowie MP has welcomed the announcement.
Andrew Bowie MP has welcomed the announcement.

The strategy will ramp up UK energy production to make it cleaner and more affordable — boosting long-term self-sufficiency and security.

Welcoming the announcement, Mr Bowie also hit out at political opponents for their short-sightedness on how to solve the energy crisis and move to carbon net zero.

He said: “This Conservative government has announced a comprehensive strategy that addresses our short-term needs and long-term ambitions. It will lead to a permanent solution that will fuel Britain for the future. Meanwhile, the SNP and Labour look for a quick fix that will only store up problems for the next generation.”

Mr Bowie previously said Aberdeen was well-placed to become the net zero capital of the UK, stating: “Talking with the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and industry leaders, everyone knows we have the means, the people and the skills to do it right here in the North East.

“I am proud that so many of my constituents have a part to play in powering the future of the nation, whether we are securing domestic gas supply to heat our homes, or putting to sea the turbines which will power our homes throughout the century.

“It is also clear that nuclear is one of the many answers to energy security, and I am pleased the UK Government has finally challenged the SNP to accept the evidence that it has a part to play. Net zero was on the first page of the Conservatives’ manifesto. This strategy shows we are now delivering on that.”