Laurencekirk fly-over: MSP calls for start date

A local MSP has asked the Scottish Government to declare when it will start a Mearns fly-over local people have been waiting for 14 years.

Tuesday, 13th November 2018, 3:15 pm

In January 2016, ministers announced the design and construction of a new grade-separated junction at Laurencekirk.

It followed a 12-year campaign by local people and political pressure on a succession of SNP transport secretaries.

A stage two assessment was expected to be completed “in 2018”.

North East Region Conservative MSP Liam Kerr has challenged current transport secretary Michael Matheson to give local campaigner Jill Fotheringham and her colleagues a firm start date.

He has tabled a parliamentary question to the government - “whether it will provide an update on the development of the Laurencekirk Junction Improvement Scheme, and when it expects work on this to begin”.

Mr Kerr said: “It took a decade for the people of Laurencekirk and the surrounding area to get the SNP to commit to this vital piece of infrastructure.

“There has largely been silence since.”

He added: “Because of the SNP’s apparent difficulty in handling the opening of the AWPR, I think people want to know they are still just as focused on this vital project.

“To the people who risk their lives crossing the A90 every day at Laurencekirk, this section of the dual carriageway is far more important.”