Lidl announces plan for EV rapid chargers at 300 stores as supermarkets join charging race

Lidl announces plan for EV rapid chargers at 300 stores as supermarkets join charging race
Lidl announces plan for EV rapid chargers at 300 stores as supermarkets join charging race

Lidl has become the latest supermarket chain to reveal plans for a network of electric car rapid charging points at its stores.

The budget brand joins Morrisons and Tesco, which have also committed to rolling out charging infrastructure at hundreds of stores around Britain.

Under the £25 million scheme, all new Lidl stores will have 50kW rapid chargers installed on site and existing sites will see the facilities retrofitted.

The chain already has chargers at 40 sites and will open more than 50 new stores before the end of 2019.

In total, Lidl bosses say they plan to have rapid chargers at 300 sites around Britain by 2022 – a third of all its British locations.

‘More sustainable’

Ingo Fischer, chief development officer for Lidl GB, commented: “At Lidl, we are committed to tackling the environmental concerns that our customers care most about, whilst giving them access to solutions that will support them in their ambition to lead more sustainable lives.

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Electric car charging at Pod Point charger
The £25m project will see Lidl work with charging infrastructure provider Pod Point (Photo: Shutterstock)

“Not only will our customers be able to charge their electric cars in 50 mins – less time than it takes to do a big shop – they will be able to do it for the best price on the market. It is our hope that, through this significant investment, we will enable easier access to charging points, ultimately helping more households switch to electric vehicles.”

The 50kW points, which can charge vehicles from 0-80 per cent charge in around 50 mins, will be operated by Pod Point and can be used via the company’s Open Charge mobile app. Users will pay 23p per kWh, which Lidl says is the best value rapid charger rate on the market.

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Chargers will have their own allocated and marked parking bays for use, and stores with charge points can be viewed via the Lidl app or on Zap-Map and Pod Point’s maps.

The announcement comes a week after Morrisons confirmed it was installing 50kW chargers at 100 of its stores by the end of 2019 in a partnership with Geniepoint.

Tesco is also working in partnership with Volkswagen to install Pod Point chargers at its stores, although only selected locations are getting 50kW rapid chargers.

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