Aberdeenshire students secure £33,000 for local charities

Secondary school students in Aberdeenshire have been responsible for a vital funding boost of £33,000 to local charities through their involvement in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).

Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 9:28 am
Lathallan School gave its backing to Aberdeen Samaritans.

Among them were Mackie, Mearns and Portlethen Academies and Lathallan School.

Some 11 schools in total committed to The Wood Foundation programme, which sees young people work in teams to identify social issues impacting their communities and the charities addressing them.

They develop presentations in a bid to secure their school’s £3000 grant.

The top three social issues securing YPI funding this year were support for those facing health and ability conditions, services to address mental health and well-being and action to tackle poverty in Scotland’s communities.

AberNecessities secured £9000 thanks to young people’s advocacy this year.

Danielle Flecher-Horn, founder of the charity, said: "AberNecessities is passionate about building a sense of community spirit; helping your community is an opportunity for you to grow as a person and it is initiatives such as YPI that really support our younger generation to achieve that.

"These students really are helping to make such a huge difference to people in this city, for which we are truly grateful. We are all full of admiration for what the students have achieved.”

Abbey, a student at Mackie Academy, said: “YPI is a really good thing to do. You develop new skills, like calling a charity, doing research and making a video and presentation.

“I was really anxious about presenting but was ultimately really proud of what we achieved.

"We worked well together as a team and got to use our skills to make the video.”

Mackie Academy chose Rape Crisis Grampian as its charty while Mearns Academy supported Abernecessities.

The Living Well Project was supported by Portlethen Academy with Lathallan School opting to support Aberdeen Samaritans.

YPI is managed and majority funded by The Wood Foundation and is supported by a network of like-minded funding partners.

The Wood Foundation was established by its Chairman Sir Ian Wood and his family in 2007.