Local interests voiced by councillor at school meeting

Councillor Alison Evison
Councillor Alison Evison

A North Kincardine councillor represented Aberdeenshire at a meeting of education, local government and trade unions.

Alison Evison was at the meeting to discuss John Swinney’s Delivery Plan for Education, which was published in June.

Commenting afterwards, she said: “Everyone present was very focussed on learning and teaching and the need to close the attainment gap.

“I shared the concerns, however, about the Scottish Government plans to increase council tax locally next year to spend more on national education policy.

“This would mean money raised in Aberdeenshire not being spent on schools and pupils here, but spent elsewhere in Scotland. People often tell me that the expect to see local services because the pay their council tax. They elect local councillors to be accountable for this money locally.

“In addition, we cannot address the disadvantages faced by children living in poverty by removing education from local government.

“Schools make a huge contribution to tackling disadvantage, but they do so by working in conjunction with social work, early years support, community learning, and many third sector organisations.

“The teachers and head teachers in our schools are professionals in learning and teaching. Any moves to make them businesses managers would add to the bureaucracy they face while reducing the time they have to work with our children and young people.”