Newtonhill School parking prompts fears of an accident

Inconsiderate parking at Newtonhill School has prompted fears of an accident.

Friday, 18th January 2019, 1:22 pm
Updated Friday, 18th January 2019, 1:28 pm
Councillor Ian Mollison says there is always the fear of an accident

Since the festive break, there have been complaints about cars parked across driveways, on zig-zag lines, and at corners particularly at pick-up time in the afternoons.

Head teacher Lesley Tullock has written to all parents appealing for support.

The letter said: “I am unfortunately having to write to you all again about the dangerous and inconsiderate parking around school. We know pick up and drop off times are difficult and very busy.

The council is encouraging parents to park safely and responsibly

“However a small minority of parents are still parking without any thought for our local residents.

“Over the past few months I have taken several calls from residents very unhappy about cars being parked across their drives, on the zigzag lines and unbelievably parents parking their cars at road junctions.

“This parking can pose a safety risk to pupils and parents that do walk and cycle to school, as well as to other road users and is unfair on our neighbours and local residents.

“I received another call from police as residents are concerned about the unsafe and inconsiderate parking by parents at the beginning and end of the school day.”

North Kincardine councillor Ian Mollison – who lives in the village – commented: “There have been difficulties for many years with inconsiderate parking around the school when parents and guardians pick up children at the close of the day.

“Local residents have to put up with abuse if they challenge anyone who parks in front of their driveway.

“However there is no easy answer. The school, the Friends of Newtonhill, and council staff have been working hard to try to improve matters. Appeals have been made to parents.

“It is disappointing that the police become involved, but it seems to be inevitable. No-one wants to see accidents and anyone being injured, but that’s always the fear.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “Newtonhill School has been working with the police and councillors to raise awareness and to promote safe parking.

“Newtonhill is a member of the WOW walking to school initiative and the bikeability scheme.

“We would encourage parents to park safely and responsibly during the school run. They can also play an important role by walking with their children to and from schools, taking the bus or forming ‘walking buses’.”