Primary school’s plea to stop dog fouling

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The head teacher of Stonehaven’s Mill o’ Forest Primary School has issued a plea to pet owners in the area to pick up after their pets, following a spate of dog fouling incidents in the school playing fields.

Several parents at the school have also highlighted the problem in the streets surrounding the school, with many reporting that them and their children have accidentally stood in dogs mess in recent weeks.

Head teacher Trish Marchant commented: “The Parent Council of Mill O Forest brought this up as a serious issue of concern at the last PC meeting as this is actually happening in our school playground which children are using every day. We are aware that there is a right of way through the school which may be making the problem worse in Mill O Forest and the Parent Council do intend to work with our local councillors to pursue the limitations of this further. I have asked, in the most recent newsletter that parents, where possible, do not bring dogs into the school playground to help alleviate this problem”.

Local mum Gail Sangster said the problem had further implications for her son, Finlay, who uses a wheelchair. She said: “I do think it’s important to highlight the issue wheelchair users have, they can’t just take their wheels off at the door and wash the poo off later. Had it been raining Finlay would’ve had to stay out in it while the carer cleaned the chair or she would have had to take the chair into the house (poo and all) transfer him to another piece of equipment then clean the chair.”

“At least with a buggy you can lift the child out and deal with it at a more suitable time. I suppose the crux of it is it’s a massive inconvenience for anyone who has the misfortune of standing in it but for a wheelchair user it has far more implications. Dodging it is near impossible too, as some areas it is smeared/trailed the width of the pavement; a wheelchair can’t just skip onto the road to avoid it.”