Grassic Gibbons group tune in for musical masterclass

Frank Robb
Frank Robb

The latest meeting of the Grassic Gibbons songwriting group was a great hit when songwriter Frank Robb dropped by.

At this month’s meeting the group were treated to a masterclass from Aberdonian Frank, who fronted bands Superklute and Hedgehog Pie before a successful run as a solo comedy-music act at festivals up and down the UK.

He carefully selected songs relating to, or inspired by, moments in Aberdeen’s recent past and wove a tale around each one to keep the group enthralled.

His parting gifts of an improvised song about each one of the members there, as well as a copy of one of his CDs, were both well received.

While there wasn’t time this month for members to air their work, next month’s meeting will focus on sharing work in progress as well as finished songs by the group.

The next meeting of the songwriting group is Sunday, October 6, at 1.30pm. Entry is £2 and includes refreshments. New members are always welcome. The Grassic Gibbon Songwriting group was formed in April 2008; meeting monthly at the Grassic Gibbon Centre, Arbuthnott, near Stonehaven. Since then hundreds of songs have been written by around 30 members.