It happened in the Mearns

This photograph was taken at the Auchenblae Farmers Ball in December 1966.
This photograph was taken at the Auchenblae Farmers Ball in December 1966.

We take a look at what was being reported in the Mearns Leader on this week in 1992, 1967 and 1917.


SPA ‘92 - the fund to provide additional facilities at the planned new Stonehaven Pavilion at Mineralwell Park - is still growing, and even this early in the New Year, it has reached £6,200.

It was boosted up to this total by donations - some of them given anonymously - over the festive period.

And in the next two to three weeks it is hoped that in addition to the household donations which continue to be made, the fund will be augmented by further donations from the Stonehaven business community. About half of the town’s businesses have now been personally approached by members of the SPA ‘92 committee, and according to reports received, these approaches have in general met with a favouraable respnse.

Most people in Stonehaven realise that this is a community effort, which needs backing from everyone in the town and surrounding area. Contributions can be sent or handed in to the fund, which has been set up at the Market Square branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland.


A project to build a new community hall in Portlethen was unveiled this week, with campaigners hoping their £150,000 scheme will be up and running by the Spring of next year - giving a much-needed boost to the town’s already stretched recreational, educational and social facilities. The ambitious project was formally launched on Tuesday.


Friday January 13th, 1967

Stonehaven Town Council on Tuesday night accepted an amended plan for the Brickfield housing scheme.

It allows for 100 houses. The original plan put forward by Messrs Wimpey allowed for approximately 94 houses on the site, with access at the west end. This would have meant the demolition of four pre-fabricated houses before there were any replacements on the site.

The council, however, met Wimpey’s representatives and suggested alternative ways of gaining access. Only one house, at the east end of the site, will now have to be demolished, access being gained mainly through the centre of the site where there are no houses.

The first phase is for 16 three-apartment, 10 four-apartmentand 23 two-apartment houses, and the second phase for 34 three-apartment and 12 four-apartment houses.


The spotlight has turned this week on industry in the Mearns through the official opening of the factory of Industrial Joinery (Stonehaven) Ltd. by Mr Alick Buchanan-Smith, MP. The firm’s achievements during its short life are very creditable, and they will no doubt go from sterngth to strength.

Nothing would give greater pleasure than to see the whole industrial site filled up, perhaps that day is not so distant.


Thursday January 11th 1917

The usual monthly meeting of the Stonehaven Town Council was held on Tuesday evening in the Council Chamber, when Provost Greig presided over a large attendance of the members.

The chief subject of discussion at the meeting was the question of forming garden allotments at the Cowie Park, and a comprehensive scheme of allotments was outlined by Councillor Taylor in submitting his motion that a part of the park should be broken up.

It was ultimately agreed to remit the matter to the Park Committee for consideration and an early report.

The minutes of last meeting were read and approved of.

Arising out of the minutes, Councillor Ritchie said that he had nothing further to say in regard to the matter. He felt very strongly that they should make a start now with collecting subscriptions and raising funds for this very worthy object.

Provost Greig said that he thought they should get some of the various bodies in the town to get up a concert or something of that kind to form the nucleus of such a fund.

There was no doubt that it just required a start, and that after a start had been made they could proceed to collect subscriptions. They would have to keep the matter in mind. The minutes of the meeting of the Finance Committee were then formally held as read and passed without comment.