It happened in the Mearns

Pictured with supervisors Sheila Simpson and Alison Wallace are 11 of the Rising Fives youngsters who meet every Wednesday in the Johnshaven Village Hall.
Pictured with supervisors Sheila Simpson and Alison Wallace are 11 of the Rising Fives youngsters who meet every Wednesday in the Johnshaven Village Hall.

We take a look back at what was making the headlines locally in 1992, 1967 and 1917.



Friday, February 14th 1992

Without any “fanfare” work started last week on the two large environmental projects designed to improve Stonehaven’s harbour and bay areas.

While a proposed official opening was called off last Thursday by Grampian Enterprise Ltd., who are the main backers of the scheme, workmen started by relaying the surface of the Backie’s car park as the first step of the project which will see a walkway provided around the Bay foreshore, as well as a pedestrian bridge over the River Carron.

Anyone wondering how a desolate, windswept area like the Backies can be imrpoved, will be interested to hear that upright timber sleepers are planned to break up the current open car park space there, and a low stone wall incorporating local boulders will be built to create a natural edge to the car park. Access from the car park to the shore will be narrowed and resurfaced to form a gateway to the new shore walkway and a lane, currently linking the Old Pier and harbour area with the Bay, is also being resurfaced in a granite style block.

The walkway itself will be longer than four football pitches. Measuring 420 metres it will be part boardwalk and part crushed stone surface, and will link Bridgefield with the harbour area and allow access along the shore - except at the most extreme high tides.

The bridge and improvements at the harbour will come later.

When completed it will, of course, allow people to walk the full length of the Bay and enjoy an uninterrupted view of the sea - for the first time in living memory.


Friday, February 17th, 1967

Plans to use Fordoun aerodrome as a flying centre are likely to materialise in the near future.

The man behind the idea, Mr Maxwell Garvie, West Cairnbeg, who is an enthusiastic flyer, advertised a few weeks ago to see if there were other holders of pilot licenses interested in starting flying in the area.

Twelve have so far shown their interest, and a meeting is to be held at Mr Garvie’s home on Sunday to discuss the possibilities.

One of the first priorities, if it is decided to go ahead, will be the acquisition of a plane. The type Mr Garvie has in mind is a Junior aerobatic craft.

The runway at Fordoun has been used in recent years as a kart racing circuit, but with a little work it can easily be put in proper order.


Stonehaven Town Council agreed to ask the co-operation of the police in preventing indiscriminate parking of heavy vehicles in Cameron Street and Bridge Street. This follows complaints by residents in the area. Mr Ian B. Robertson, town clerk, and Mr W. A. Will, burgh surveyor, submitted a joint report on Bridge Street, in which there is a right-of-way leading to the bridge over the Carron and into Low Wood Road. The road has been torn up by heavy lorries and potholed so badly that in wet weather it has a layer of mud three inches thick and is impassable to pedestrians.


Thursday, February 15th, 1917

The sitting of the Stonehaven Burgh Tribunal on Tuesday evening brought up only seven cases, and of these the majority were agreed to.

The fact is that the burgh is now pretty well cleared out of eligible men. It is understood, however, that the military authorities are at present engaged in reviewing the certificates of some of the younger men who have exemption, and these cases will be brought up as soon as practicable. There will, of course, be a further batch of business claims to be brought up after May 28th.


Had it not been for the frost, it is safe to say that the plotholders at Cowie Park would have made a start ere now to get their holdings into a state of cultivation. If the milder weather continues, the Burgh Surveyor hopes to get the land ploughed over for those who desire within the next few days. If conditions are favourable, Saturday should be a “field” day at Cowie.


On Friday first, members of the Guild and the Choir of the South U.F. Church are to entertain the wounded soldiers at St Leonards Hospital. A similar entertainment was given some months ago, and was enjoyed by the men and the visitors alike. Among the men there are not a few performers of considerable ability, and a very pleasant evening should be the result.