It Happened in the Mearns

Stonehaven Girls Brigade members, 1992.
Stonehaven Girls Brigade members, 1992.

We take a look back at what was making the headlines locally on this week in 1992, 1967 and 1917.


Friday, September 18th 1992

Work on a new £150,000 community hall in Portlethen will begin within the next three weeks - marking a moment of triumph for project leaders and local residents who raised more than £30,000 themselves towards the cost of the undertaking.

Bourtree Community Hall will feature a main hall which can be split in two, a meeting room, kitchen and office as well as ample storage space and toilet facilities.

Instigated by Bourtree Playgroup, Young Women’s Christian Association (Scottish branch) and the Scottish Episcopal Church (Brechin diocese), the project was launched in January by hall steering group Chairwoman Mrs Isobel Henderson, of Portlethen Village.

Mrs Henderson is delighted with their progress, and the Spring opening which was predicted in January is likely to be bettered with an expected completion date early in 1993.

And in a town of more than 6,000 residents which is relatively starved of community facilities, the new hall will be gladly welcomed. Particularly relieved will be organisers of Portlethen’s two over-stretched playgroups, who between them have to bear the brunt of demand from the large contingent of young families, many with both parents working. The new hall, located at the South end of Portlethen off Bruntland Road, next to the tennis courts, should alleviate a lot of problems.


Friday September 22nd 1967

Once again, this time in the case of Banchory Academy, the authorities are being overtaken by the march of time.

The raising of the school age, in spite of the loss of Aberdeenshire pupils, is making nonsene of their plans and they are faced with the addition of more classrooms and ancillary accommodation.

It was exactly the same at Laurencekirk, which recently got a new secondary school, and at Mackie Academy plans have had to be revised and the embryo buildings doubled in size to accommodate the foreseeable influx of pupils plus those who are staying on, often against their will and better judgement, for another year.

It is absolutely impossible for any Education authority to see into the future and assess with any accuracy the number of pupils to be catered for, but, with present building progress it would seem that any new buildings will be outdated by the time they are ready. And, then we are back to the old story of bits and pieces added here and there in attempts to make them adequate for the calls to be made upon them.

It is a far from satisfactory situation but the big question is how to prevent its recurrences.


Stonehaven Town Council is to present portraits of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to Stonehaven Sea Cadets.


Thursday September 20th 1917

A grand concert was held in the Muchalls Hall on Saturday evening in aid of the fund to provide comforts for the men from the parish of Cookney who are on service.

The attendance must have beaten all records for the Hall. Indeed, Mr Charles Innes, the secretary, and his committee performed the feat of putting nearly 350 people into a hall which is only supposed to hold 200. A splendid programme was sustained by Miss Nellie Donaldson and her Concert Party from Aberdeen, and the members of the party richly deserved the harty and frequent rounds of applause they received from a delighted audience.

The proceeds of the concert amounted to the handsome sum of well over £33. It is understood that whist drives are to be held for the same cause in the various parts of the parish during the coming winter.


People who were in the Muchalls district on Saturday had the opportunity of seeing a novel sight.

Messrs Campbell, ltd., the well known motor hirers from Aberdeenhave fitted up one of their char-a-bancs to run with coal gas, and a trial trip was made to Muchalls on Saturday afternoon. The car, we learn, behaved splendidly all along the route, and, now Messrs Campbell intend to fit a large number of their cars with the necessary gas bag.