Mearns Ladies Probus Club

The president welcomed 29 members to the meeting on Wednesday, March 19, and also the the speaker for the morning,

She was Jackie Lockhart, who had just returned from commentating on the curling at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Jackie gave a most interesting talk about her life in curling, spanning 34 years.

This started at the age of 14. Both her parents curled and she was spotted at this early age as having a talent for the sport.

She had always been an ‘ice queen,’ having enjoyed skating from the age of four.

The sport originated in Scotland and is governed by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

The International Olympic Committee decided that the curling competition from the 1924 Winter Olympics would be considered an Olympic and no longer a demonstration event. Thus the first Olympic medals were awarded in those Games.

Curling has been an official sport in the Winter Olympic Games since 1998 and Jackie has represented Great Britain four times but, much to her regret, has never won an Olympic medal although on occasions has been very close.

She has won medals at World, European, European Mixed and European Junior level.

Her next aim for a medal is at the Scottish Seniors and then the World Seniors competitions in a few years’ time.

Jackie considered the skills for a good curler were motivation, commitment and sacrifices and her overwhelming enthusiasm for the sport was evident throughout the talk.

She said she had been very lucky in having the support of family and friends to enable her to be away from home either competing or training for competitions.

Curling had enabled her to meet a lot of other sportsmen and women and to be part of a team where friendship on and off the rink was important. Her philosophy for teamwork was that it was a catalyst that yielded excellence from shared strengths.

Jackie then spoke of her recent experience as a BBC commentator at the Sochi Olympic Games.

Though slightly apprehensive before she went about issues surrounding the Games - not least of which security - she indicated that everything went extremely well and she thoroughly enjoyed her time there.

She commentated on 27 matches over 11 days which was quite an undertaking.

In conclusion, Jackie listed her philosophies on life which were: “Never pass by new opportunities; never regret not knowing the what if; never listen to people who don’t matter, listen to your heart; never stop being a fun loving dafty.”

Questions were then invited from the members and Mavis Cowie proposed the vote of thanks.