NEOS is a success

A truly gorgeous weekend of weather brought the nine-day NEOS run to a stunning end in Johnshaven. It is never easy to know exactly how many visitors the annual event brings to the village but those exhibitors who did keep a tally estimate that this year, in excess of 500 took advantage of their open doors although there were mixed views among the participants as to how freely they were spending.

Things did seem quieter than usual in the Village Hall during the four Café Days although organiser, Rebecca Chambers, was well satisfied with the gross £830 which SHARK raised from the three days when they were responsible for the catering and she wishes to thank all who provided the food, did the serving and washing up and those who came along to support their efforts.

Up the road at the Mill of Benholm, Project Manager, Mike Burleigh, said that the staff there had been very pleased with the number of visitors who had been attracted to view the work of the artists who were exhibiting.