New play at the Lemon Tree

Fresh from their world premier at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Fire Exit is to stage David Leddy’s Untitled Love Story at Aberdeen’s Lemon Tree Studio on Saturday, September 10.

The production follows their multi-award-winning success with Sub Rosa (2010), Susurrus (2009) and White Tea (2009).

Untitled Love Story is an elegant, serene and innovative drama where the audience can relax, close their eyes and be guided through a meditative visualisation that interweaves and echoes alongside four narrative strands all set on the silky nocturnal canals of Venice.

Narratively, there are four characters in four different decades who never meet. A priest – played by Arbroath-born actor and former Fife College acting student Robin Laing - who teaches meditation in a Venetian monastery only to be accused of heresy.

A writer (Adura Onashile) moves to Venice only to find her partner disappears; an art historian (Keith Fleming) appears serene exterior in stark contrast to his terrifying night sweats and a legendary art collector (Morag Stark) eats roasted songbirds that were drowned in cognac.

In recent shows his focus has been on unusual locations and new technology, but in Untitled Love Story it is the audience themselves who make the central transformational shift, closing their eyes and participating in this meditation-as-theatre performance.

David says: “I wanted to create a piece for theatres that asked the audience to take part in a way that wasn’t confrontational. Some people worry about it but the meditative visualisation asks them to focus on their own lives and emotions so that they becomes like a fifth character in the narrative.”

Tickets for the performance at the Lemon Tree on Saturday, September 10 are available online at, by phone at 01224 641122 and at Aberdeen Box Office at the Music Hall and His Majesty’s Theatre.