Spooky Events at Woodend

October is the month associated with all things mysterious and supernatural, of spooky stories and haunting tales. As darkness takes over from the light it is traditionally the time to explore things we don’t quite understand and perhaps the enjoyment lies in not understanding.

Company Chordelia brings a psychological thriller to the stage at Woodend Barn in Banchory on Thursday 27 October (7:30pm). Telling the tale of Miranda, spoilt yet innocent, she finds herself in a cold, snowy landscape, aware that she is not quite alone.

On the same night, The Occasional Cabaret brings Apocalypse (quite literally) to the stage at Braemar Village Hall (7:30pm). Are Gdjet and Lulu fallen angels sent to warn us or desperate charlatans playing one last con? Revealing the truth behind our bedtime stories, will you be able to sleep after this evening of satirical grotesquery?

As children, we are told stories to prevent us wandering deep into the woods, to keep us from straying from the path. Visible Fictions presents The Hunted, the tale of a girl who dares to enter the forbidden; the path is long and there are things out to get her. Step into the unknown at 6pm on Sunday 30 October at Woodend Barn (for age 11+) and bring a lantern for the night walk and barbecue in the wild garden at 4:30pm.

Tickets from the Woodend Barn Box Office on 01330 825431.