The Art of Geology

The Lang Byre at Woodend Barn opens its doors to art lovers this week with Fabric of the Land (FOL), curated by SMART Consultants of Aberdeen.

FOL is usually held at the University of Aberdeen’s geology and petroleum geology department.

It invites artists to submit creative works exploring the relationship between art and science. This tailor-made exhibition includes 30 creative artworks from the 2010/11 exhibitions.

Among the artists showcasing their talent is Katherine Aarrestad, who has sold a piece of her work linked to Fabric of the Land to the University of Aberdeen.

She said: “The opportunity to exhibit my work in an academic environment and reach out to an alternative audience was a huge attraction of Fabric of the Land. I liked the notion of arts and sciences being brought together within one space and artists responding to geological considerations.”

Gail Dickerson, who also took part in the 2010 exhibition, said: “It was really inspirational to see geological masterpieces displayed amongst art works which seemed to integrate really well together.

“The ideas and enthusiasm that the geology department has generated in relation to the crossover of art and geology is brilliant.”

Sally Reaper from SMART Consultants, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to extend this wonderful exhibition into Aberdeenshire…it is really fascinating to see first hand the parallels that have been drawn between geology and art.”

Artist in Residence for the exhibition is Hilary Duncan and she will be running two connected ceramics workshops further exploring the links between art and geology.

For more information about Fabric of the Land, visit:

Contact details: SMART Consultants 01224 561977.