A ‘call to arms’ from local volunteer groups

Dancers entertaining at last year's Feein' Market, which was organised by the Stonehaven Lion's Club.
Dancers entertaining at last year's Feein' Market, which was organised by the Stonehaven Lion's Club.

Three of Stonehaven’s biggest volunteer groups have called a meeting, looking for members of the community to come forward and join their ranks.

The town’s three service clubs, the Rotary Club, Stonehaven and District Lions Club the Stonehaven Round Table have called the joint meeting at 7pm on May 27 in the Station Hotel, and they have said that anyone who has an interest in helping run and organise popular Stonehaven events, or providing assistance to the elderly and others can come and find out more baout how to get involved.

The session has been called against a background that accepts that with continuing budget cuts, there will be an increasing need for volunteers to help out with aspects of community life, as Peter Newell, past president of the Rotary Club explained.

He said: “We live in a challenging world and following the General Election, things could become ever more challenging as government and local budgets are all likely to be cut even further. Many local attractions and services are now run by the community.

“For many years, the three service clubs in the town have been working across many of these areas. They already run most of the major annual events in the town including the Fee’in Market, Harbour Festival, Fireworks, Christmas Events, Concerts for the elderly and work hard at raising funds for local charities and providing assistance in others.”

“It should also be stressed that membership of these clubs is not all about fundraising, and all have social programmes where members can go out and have fellowship and enjoy themselves. But all of the activities and fundraising undertaken by the clubs require members to organise and run them and that’s the reason why the three clubs have got together to arrange this meeting to arrange an open night.

“We are inviting anyone who would be interested in finding out more about what the clubs do, to come along and see if they are interested in joining any of the clubs and giving something back to their community.

“So please come along for some refreshments, listen to information and talk to existing members and learn more.”

Mr Newell stressed that anyone is welcome to attend whatever age, gender or ethnicity.

“Everyone is welcome and let us continue the good work which has been done over the years,” he said.