A huge thank-you

Jackie was presented with gifts to thank him for his many years service.
Jackie was presented with gifts to thank him for his many years service.

Fettercairn Gala Day was the perfect opportunity for Fettercairn Public Property to say a huge thank you to Jackie Wisely for his dedication to the Bridgend Paddock(Beechgrove Garden) in the village.

For many years Jackie has been cutting the huge area of grass, without need of special recognition.

He has retired from his gardening duties and was presented with a certificate of thanks, a planter and shrubs and an invitation to a meal out at the Clatterin’ Brig Restaurant by Mrs Margaret Cargill.

Helen Thomson thanked Jackie for his contribution to the work of the garden, which has been invaluable over the years.

She explained: ‘‘ The thing about gardening is that you maybe don’t notice when the job is being done, but you certainly notice when it isn’t!

‘‘Jackie has worked tirelessly in and around the village for many years and it is now his turn to put his feet up and enjoy having more time to himself.’’

The work in the Bridgend Paddock/Beechgrove garden still goes on and, with that in mind, there is a tidy up day this Sunday, June 9 from 10am - 4pm.

Next Friday, June 14, from 6 - 9pm has also been set aside for further work to be done.

Several people have already offered to help out on the day and some work has already taken place.

There are light jobs as well as more heavy work needing done in the garden, so all will be welcome.

Anyone willing to do some strimming, and who can take along a strimmer, would also be appreciated.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of clearing out of damaged trees and shrubs, and this year many shrubs require cutting back and dead trees need removed. The path is also in need of attention.

The area near the bridge is to be planted with rhododendrons which have been donated by the Fettercairn Farmers Club, with part of the proceeds of their recent clay pigeon shoot.

The old heathers are to be removed at the entrance and the area replanted. Mary Crowther donated heathers for this area.

Anyone who can not help out on any of the days listed above, but willing to give the garden some of their time, should contact Helen Thomson on 01561 340309 or leave a message at the Fettery Shoppie.