A sparkling presentation

In the station hotel on Tuesday September 6, The Stonehaven ladies Probus Club had a lively, buzzing meeting, the first of their new 2011 - 2012 programme.

They were given a sparkling presentation by the jeweller, Miss Helen Plumb BSC. FGA. DGA. of ‘Just Gems’ business in Cults, who gave an enlightening talk about gems.

Diamonds may be ‘a girls best friend’ but other gems, which have always been an attraction for women and girls of all ages, have of late had a growing appeal.

Helen gave on screen examples of good and valuable gems, also less valuable or laboratory grown, even worthless and fake.

She told us how jewellers meet to select stones and carefully purchase from the World wide market. She gave advice about scrutinising the stones - the cutting, inclusions, colour, particularly when tempted to buy what seems to be a ‘good bargain.’

People can be disappointed to find badly chosen stones can become too damaged, lose their colour or even begin to disintegrate.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs Jane Gourlay, who expressed the enjoyment, interest and surprise at how much there was to learn about Gemology.

Mrs Irene Squires, the new president, conducted the business and advised the group that the waiting list, which had been full for the past year, is now open again.