A Transport Forum for Kincardine and Mearns?

The Kincardineshire Development Partnership is supporting an initiative to consider the formation of a group to offer the Kincardine and Mearns Community a stronger voice on transport issues.

Anyone interested is invited to a meeting at Stonehaven Community Centre at 7.30pm next Tuesday September 20. It is intended to have a wide ranging discussion and ideas from attendees on how to progress the initiative will be welcomed.

What the group will be called is also to be discussed.

The initiative is supported by the Kincardineshire Development Partnership. Contact Ian Hunter, trustee, tel: (01569) 760301.

Also to be considered are the opportunities offered by the new Community Empowerment Act particuarly the right for representative groups to have a seat on important decision making committees. Possible items for discussion include: How can we form a group that is recognisedas reflecting the views of the community? How could a group become well informed so that our community’s views are respected? What partnerships can be formed to achieve positive change?