Abandoned trolleys

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Abandoned shopping trolleys and rubbish are blocking a local burn as well creating an eyesore, Portlethen Community Council has been told.

Residents are up in arms over the thoughtlessness of people who take the trolleys from the local Asda store and dump them in the Cookston Burn.

The community council heard how some locals retrieved four trolleys from the burn and took them back to Asda. However they were disappointed by the reaction at the superstore.

“They did not seem too interested,” the meeting heard. “We told them there was at least another 10 in the burn,” said one woman who lives nearby.

Local councillors have also taken up the issue. They have contacted officials to get the burn cleaned up where it runs through a local park and under the railway line.

Councillor Ian Mollison said: “I have been advised that due to the continued threat of flooding and the general condition of the watercourse officials have decided to proceed with clearing the affected areas, including the entrance to the railway embankment.”

The issue has also been pursued by Councillor Alastair Bews who also been pressing council officials for action. He updated the community council on the progress he had made.

Councillor Paul Melling appealed to residents to be alert for people dumping shopping trolleys. “As well as being an eyesore, they could attract young children to the burn. This could have serious consequences. This is not the image of Portlethen that I wish to see.”