Abnormal load movements - Montrose to Stonehaven

Starting tomorrow (October 2, 2012) Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd will be transporting the component parts of three wind turbines from Montrose Harbour to a site at Hillhead of Auquhirie, near Stonehaven.

This is expected to take until the end of the month.

These abnormal loads are considerable in size, measuring between 34 metres long and 5.1 meters in wide. And due to their dimensions each load will be escorted by the police throughout their movement.

The identified route will see the convoy leave the South Quay, Montrose Harbour, following the A92 Montrose by-pass, A935 and B966, via Brechin and Trinity, before joining the northbound carriageway of the A90 Dundee to Aberdeen road and north to Hillhead of Auquhirie, Stonehaven.

Sergeant Neil Morrison, Road Policing Department, Stonehaven who is in charge of the operation, said: “By their very nature, these wind turbine components are cumbersome and can be slow to manoeuvre. It takes great skill on the part of the lorry driver to ensure each load is moved safely and as efficiently as possible”.

“In an effort to minimise disruption, the abnormal loads will be leave Montrose Harbour at 6.30 am on week days. That said, I would ask motorists to exercise patience and if necessary, find an alternative route to avoid unwanted delays”.