Academy prizewinners

Mearns Academy held its prizegiving on Thursday evening, chaired by Rev Ronnie Gall. The address was by George McBride of the Young Enterprise Scotland Coaching for Teachers Academy and the prizes were presented by Lesley Hetherington, Head of Entrepreneurship at Aberdeen University.

S1 Alexander Bayfield Health & Leisure (PE); Martin Brown Music (joint0; Jamie Chree Business Education (joint); Marianne Doyle Art & Design; Molly Jack Drama; Millie Keddie Health & Leisure (HE),

Amber Mainland RME (joint); Alix McCarthy, French; Jonathan Rooney Support for Learning; Aidan Smith RME (joint); Ruadhan Stuart Business Education (joint); Nicole Thomson English; Katie Wilson History; Rachel Colbeck Modern Studies, Science; Conor Doan Geography, Technical Education; Aimee McPherson Mathematics, Music (joint).

Downie Progress Prizes: Thomas Leigh, Summer Simmonds, Wiktoria Stanek. MACG Effort Prizes, Billy Irvine, Craig Stephen.

S2 Hayden Burgoyne Mathematics; Euan Cassels English (joint); Chloe Crighton Technical Education (joint); David Donaldson Drama; Stewart Forbes Geography; Natalie Gauld Modern Studies; Klaudia Lewandowska Business Education (joint).

Sofie Longmuir Support for Learning; Mhari McKiddie Art & Design; Harry Sherrifs Health & Leisure (PE); Andreja White Technical Education (joint); Allie McWhinne French (joint), History; Robbie Nicol Business Education (joint), Music; Hannah Rickman Health & Leisure (HE), Science; Sarah Reid English (joint), French (joint), RME.

Downie Progress Prizes: David Donaldson, Anna Hutchison, Scott McBain. MACG Effort Prize: Kyle Platt.

S3 Leona Blacklaws Business Management; Rosie Charles PE; Kira Forbes Modern Studies; Richard Glassby Music; Scott Hendry Craft & Design; Rebecca Leigh Drama; Tom Magalon Spanish; Louise McGregor Administration; Heather Murdoch Hospitality; Christie Myles Support for Learning; Kieran Petrie RME (joint).

Siobhan Redmonds Art & Design; Kyle Wilson Practical Craft Skills; Elise Nelson History, RME (joint); Oliver Neill Computing Studies, Graphic Communication, Physics; Barnaby Simpkin Chemistry, English (joint), French; Edith Duff Biology, English (joint), Geography, Mathematics.

Downie Progress Prizes: Miranda-Beth Leavens, Christie Myles, Kyle Wilson. MACG Effort Prize: Ross Robertson.

S4 Lauren Anderson Support for Learning; Hannah Baxter Biology; Molly Broad RME (joint); Megan Cameron Hospitality; Adele Champion Art & Design; Lee Dalgetty Graphic Communication; Ramsay Forbes Craft & Design; Kasia Kucharska Business Management; Thomas Parsons Practical Craft Skills; Hayley Paterson Accounting & Finance; Holly Robertson Administration.

Kyra Steel Drama; Alistair Thow Angus College Link Student; Lindsay Scott Modern Studies, RME (joint); Emily Smith History, Music; Connor Gammie Chemistry, Computing Studies, PE; Andrew Clark English, French, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Spanish.

MACG Effort Prizes: Josh Harris, Nicola Sutherland.

S5/6: Ethan Brodie, Graphic Communication (joint); Andrew Cowie Chemistry; Sara Farquharson Practical Craft Skills; Cameron Gall PE; Christina Hislop Managing environmental Resources; Daisy Jack Art & Design; Holly Kirkham-Mowbray Information Systems; Zoe Kirkham-Mowbray RME; Heather Paterson Support for Learning; Stevie-Leigh Shannon Hospitality.

Cameron Shaw Graphic Communication (joint); Ashley Spark Administration; Rachael Walker History; Kirsty Wright Product Design; Lucie Hendry Music, Physics; Rachel Howatson French, Modern Studies; Nadia Kramer Drama, English; Aimee Thomson Psychology, Business Management; Jean Duff Computing Studies, Geography, Mathematics, Biology. MACG Effort Prize: Calum Paul.

Special Awards: Young Enterprise Award (Distinction) Cameron Shaw, Rachael Walker. Heidi Fish Memorial Award for Performing Arts Will Sergeant.

Prefect of the Year: Stacey Grubb, Calanach MacDonell Finlayson. Karen Whyte Special Effort Prize: Christina Hislop. Gordon Miller Trophy for Endeavour Rachel Howatson.

MACG Citizenship Awards: Matthew Clark, Joe Connell, Jodie Garrow, Fraser Scott. Sandy Thomson Citizenship Cup Ashley Spark. Runner-up to Dux Lucie Hendry. Dux Jean Duff.