Adventure in Nepal for Stoney midwife

Midwife Tracy cradles a newborn infant in Nepal.
Midwife Tracy cradles a newborn infant in Nepal.

A Stonehaven midwife has been speaking about her experiences during an exciting four week stint while volunteering in Nepal.

Community midwife Tracy Miller made the journey to Kathmandu last September as a volunteer for the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Global Midwifery Twinning Project.

The three-year project is seeking to improve the status and position of midwifery in three countries where there is a high maternal and perinatal mortality.

Tracy’s role was to help strengthen their Midwifery Association, and she worked with some of their members, nurses, midwives and trainee skilled birth attendants (SBAs) helping to enhance their midwifery knowledge by sharing skills, knowledge and experiences.

Tracy said: “Their culture is very different.

‘Women in general have very low status in society, at times it was stressful to witness women being treated with very little privacy and respect.

‘‘There was very little support or compassionate care for women in labour but I was able to talk to the staff and show them how small things like hand holding, massage or providing a screen for privacy could make all the difference to that woman’s experience of child birth.

“I had an amazing time there and made me very aware how lucky we are in the UK. It strengthened my own skills, knowledge and practice.”