After School Club “devastated” at bus vandalism

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Grampian Police have launched an investigation after the Stonehaven After School Club returned after a busy successful summer programme to find one of their buses vandalised.

The incident occurred between 6pm on Monday 20 August and 7am on Tuesday 21 August and anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact Grampian Police.

The Stonehaven After School Club will this year celebrate its 21st birthday this year and the buses were purchased after a lot of hard fund-raising work by the children and parents involved in the club.

The club, which is at its full capacity and relies heavily on transport said: “It is deeply distressing that someone would do such a thing. Please if you know anything about this contact the police”.

The Stonehaven After School Club, which is based at the Community Centre on Bath Street, hosted a programme of activities for the children over the summer holidays and rely heavily on their buses for transporting children around the town and further afield.

Many of the After School Club’s supporters were disgusted to hear about the vandalism that was carried out on the bus. One supporter said: “Absolutely shocking, hope they find out who has done this, this is a fantastic club and does not deserve to be treated this way, nor should the staff have to deal with the heartache this causes. Hopefully it was a one off”.

Another supporter said: “This is awful and very sad that someone could do this, I remember how hard the kids and the parents worked doing fund raising for these buses, I hope they catch them.”

Many other supporters left comments on the club’s Facebook page expressing how horrified they were that someone could vandalise something used for children.