Alternative junction plans

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David Strang Steel, surveyor and farmer addressed the members of the Stonehaven Rotary Club to update them on his alternative junction proposals for Stonehaven when the new Aberdeen peripheral route is built.

Mr Steel has had some 17 different consultants looking at the site giving their opinions on the proposed junction.

Mr Steel had a meeting in February with Transport Scotland who have asked him to submit his new plans at a cost of some £200,000.

Mr Steel also disclosed that a supermarket chain is still interested in Field 52 which could give Stonehaven residents a much needed supermarket of some 5,000 sq metres.

Due to costs already incurred by Mr Steel he has yet to finally decide whether he will pursue the junction issue further.

The discussions into his proposals have of course has been on going for some time now. The vote of thanks was given by Mike Herd after many questions from Rotary members.