Alternative nativity

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Once again as part of the traditional Christmas Eve Torchlight Carol Service, Mearns Coastal Parish Church will be staging an Alternative Nativity Play at St Cyrus Parish Church at 7pm.

While these plays contain elements of the Traditional Nativity Story, they are quite unique. For example, last year’s play entitled, ‘Mary and the Magnificat Seven’ was based around Mary getting help from the seven characters in Snow White, including Happy, Sneezy and Grumpy as well as the traditional players from the Nativity Story.

This year’s play, again written by the Minister at Mearns Coastal Church is entitled ‘The Shepherds and their Dog called Ralph’.

Without giving to much of the plot away, the play is based on the Shepherds looking for their Dog before hurrying down to Bethlehem to see the Baby Jesus. There will be the traditional Nativity scene with youngsters playing the parts of Mary and Joseph and the wise-men. The idea is to present the real Christmas story in an interesting and amusing way, suitable for all ages. As always, the play is only part of the Service, with traditional Bible Lessons and Carol singing by torchlight with the Church Band.