Anglers keen
to shine in competition

HARD on the heels of the SDAA junior competition at Allochie last week, the club’s adults had their turn on Sunday at Crossley Quarry when six members competed enthusiastically for the Andy Gordon Shield.

Since club competitions nowadays are mainly based on catch-and-release rather than creel weight, this event was to be decided by the angler with the greatest number of fish being declared the winner; in the event of a tie, the one who landed his fish first was to be adjudged top rod. This made everyone just that little bit keener to get off to a flier!

The first fish duly fell to Iain Laird who landed it a mere seven minutes from the start, fooling the trout with one of his own favourite self-tied buzzer flies. The second fish was landed by Stuart Wright, who then hit a purple patch with two others in quick succession, which put him in pole position early on.

But other members kept pegging him back and Bruce Mackie eventually levelled things with a batch of trout to a carefully chosen colour of Shipham’s Buzzer fly, including one which would have made three pounds. Meantime, Stuart was certainly hooking fish but frustratingly they were just as readily falling off, and although he was virtually matching Bruce fish for fish, the latter eventually emerged victorious with a superb total of 12 trout against Stuart’s 8.

In total, the six anglers landed 27 trout, with 100% being released to fight another day and the event ended just before one of the very hefty rain showers which were working their way inland. All anglers agreed that the fish were in incredible condition with a couple of hard-fighting blue trout landed too. These had been included in the last introduction by restocking maestro Hugh Mitchell, whose immaculate timing ensured that the newcomers had dispersed around the quarry rather than being found concentrated at the restocking point.

It appears that a certain Baltic gentleman who has previously shown illegal interest in these Crossley fish stocks, is back on the go there and his presence should be reported without delay.

THIS being a column about watersides, I can safely give a mention to another “hard on the heels” story, this time concerning ex-soldier Christian Nock whose solo round-Britain coastal walk for a charity very dear to my heart, is described elsewhere in this edition of the Mearns Leader.

This extraordinary man has already worn through 11 pairs of hiking boots in one non-stop year where most of us will be lucky to go through two pairs in a whole lifetime! Please read his story, and better still actually add online to the staggering £100K he has raised 
so far!

THROUGHOUT the past week, the angling club has been very busy extracting a number of windblown tree blockages at various River Cowie sites including the Intake Pool and Rock Pool. The latter location, just above the Corner Pot, entailed bringing in club member Geordie Burr with his trusty tractor and power winch to extract a large mature Beech which had brought down two Bird Cherry trees with it as it toppled off an escarpment into and across the pool. Four hours later, a job which would have taken at least four times longer by hand, was complete and a bonny pool restored to fishing use.

Well done to the half dozen who tipped up here and elsewhere for this essential work......we hope the several score members who were contacted but opted not to help, do not benefit too much from the sweat, blood and tears of those who showed real interest in their club’s affairs.

But never mind, there are still some obstructions to be sorted opposite Rickarton House, below the Cheyne Hill march wall and over on the Carron at Pond Haugh below Fetteresso Castle, where they can all still do their bit!