Sir,With reference to the Spine Road proposed by the trio Stewart Milne, Bancon Homes and Dunecht Estates.

Friday, 14th May 2010, 1:24 pm

I think this act of public generosity should be applauded. It is going to cost them in the region of 4 million to provide this road if they are granted planning permission. The road is purely for our benefit (the public) so that we can get easy access to the new supermarket which they also intend building for us.

In the past Stewart Milne has fallen short on his promises of benefit to the public. For example the football pitch which he agreed for the children at Braehead does seem a little small. An eyeball indicates it to be about 12 foot by 12 foot.

Now he is making amends by wanting to build the spine road. Not only that but our public spirited trio also want to build 2,000 houses on the braes overlooking our lovely town. They know better than us that what we really want is those houses.

Our braes will be ablaze with light during darkness, viva Las Vegas. We don't need green fields and pleasant world class views. No, we want concrete, and lots of it, as far as the eye can see.

The trio will see that we get it. They and their friends in the planning department know what is good for us. Fools that we are, we only wanted 430 houses tucked out of sight as agreed in the local plan. Two thousand, firmly in your face, sounds much better. Thanks be to the trio.

The trio would have us believe that the spine road has absolutely nothing to do with the 2,000 houses that they want to build. We must therefore all be grateful for their honesty. It is to be commended and like a breath of fresh air in this day and age when it is usually things like greed and political corruption that make the headlines.

Yours etc

Alexander Grant

7 Woodcot Park,