Catterline WRI got the new session off to a great start with chairman Mrs Swan welcoming speaker Kirsty Cleaver from Stonehaven. Kirsty came to stay in Catterline with her parents when she was young and did her schooling at Catterline followed by Mackie Academy.

She was invited to talk to the members on being a finalist in the first ever ‘Junior Apprentice.’ She gave us an insight into the filming of the various tasks they had to perform, what life was like staying in a large house for a month with the other contestants and what it was like having very little contact with family and friends.

Kirsty said she was glad she had taken part and it will stand her in good stead for the future. Kirsty also judged the monthly competition, a Folded Paper Napkin which resulted 1 Mrs A Lynch, 2 Mrs M Mair, 3 Mrs A Meston 4 Mrs I Carnie.