Arbuthnott drain project completed

Work was completed on the drain this week
Work was completed on the drain this week

Much-anticipated flood prevention work has been completed on schedule at Stonehaven’s Arbuthnott drain.

An important element of flood alleviation works in Stonehaven’s Old Town, they were finishedin the week ending Friday, December 19.

Work on the project, which cost around £300,000, started in September as part of an over-arching Flood Protection Scheme for Stonehaven.

The primary purpose of the new drain is to ensure that water can quickly flow away from the lowest point of High Street, an area where floodwater has collected in previous years.

Contractor Balfour Beatty has built a large inlet chamber and 70 metres of culvert (a water drainage channel), alongside buildings and through residential gardens, in often highly-constrained spaces, culminating in a large headwall, near the mouth of the River Carron.

The embedded cannon, a local landmark that was on the site of the new Arbuthnott drain, has been re-located and an information board explaining the background will be installed.

In addition, debris screens have been installed on the River Carron and the Glasslaw Burn as a measure to prevent debris, such as branches, contributing to flooding by blocking culverts and bridges.

In the past, accumulated debris has restricted the water’s flow beneath the Green Bridge, increasing the impact of any localised flooding.

The River Carron has also been re-profiled, upstream of the White Bridge, where previously water was diverted through an unnatural bend in the river. While these measures will not prevent flooding in Stonehaven, their combined effect should reduce the impact experienced during extreme weather.

With the completion of the drain and the additional alleviation measures introduced this year, around £600,000 has been spent on flood protection in Stonehaven in 2014.

Leader of Aberdeenshire Council, Jim Gifford, said: “The completion of the Arbuthnott Drain is an encouraging step forward in implementing the overall flood protection scheme for Stonehaven, which we hope will give greater peace of mind to local residents and businesses.”

Chairman of the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee, Carl Nelson, said: “We would like to thank the people of Stonehaven for their patience while this vital work was being carried out, particularly those residents whose gardens and properties were affected.

“Thanks are also due to the contractor for completing the work on time and before the worst of the winter weather is upon us.”

Stonehaven Councillor, Peter Bellarby, added: “I am very pleased that the Arbuthnott drain has been completed.

‘‘It is part of the commitment that the council has made to address the flooding problem on the Carron and will reduce the effect of any flooding that might occur. We also need the long term flood alleviation scheme that the council is also committed to.”