Auditions for FAME next week

Auditions take place next week at Shepherds Hall
Auditions take place next week at Shepherds Hall

Open auditions for next year’s musical FAME are to take place next week with hopefuls to arrive no later than 10am on Sunday September 13.

Last year’s musical in Stonehaven Town Hall, Hairspray, was well received, with more expected from FAME next year.

Auditions will take place in Stonehaven at Shepherds Hall until 1pm.

The audition process is sure to attract great local talent to the show, and Facebook is filled with hopefuls who have started preparing for auditions.

Those who go along will be asked to go through an audition dance with the choreographer, dancing to the song FAME with Sharon Gill.

They will then be required to sing FAME and Star maker with Sheena Carty.

Auditionees will also need to dress as they think their character would dress. In addition to dancing and singing auditions they will be asked to read one or two short scenes as the character of their preferred choice and maybe asked to read through another part.

These scenes will be provided on the day so no specific preparation is needed but it would be in your interest to be familiar with main characters and to also decide which characters you relate to or would like to play.

FAME is scheduled to be performed next March 16-19 at Stonehaven Town Hall. It was announced back in July that Stonehaven’s FAME would be directed by Jennifer Law, the musical director would be Sheena Carty and choreography done by Sharon Gill School of Dance.