Award for Council’s waste team

Aberdeenshire Council’s Waste Service has been recognised with a prestigious national award for efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle waste over the last five years.

The local authority was awarded the Excellence in Resource Management award, in the Large Organisations category, at the Scottish Waste & Resources Conference awards dinner in Glasgow, earlier this month.

The Excellence in Resource Management award recognises the progress made by the council over the last five years to increase staff awareness and participation in initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle waste at council premises, and the associated environmental, financial and social benefits.

A number of initiatives have been introduced within the council which have seen a reduction in waste being sent to landfill, led to cost savings, improved resource efficiencies and increased awareness.

These include: Increasing the number of recycling collections from council premises by 136%,Increasing the amount of waste collected for recycling by 8.7% and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill by 13% since 2008.

Saving council premises more than £50,000 every year in waste collection and disposal costs.

Carrying out more than 450 site visits to establish and expand recycling collections.

Developing online tool Requip, allowing for the reuse of council-owned equipment across different premises, with over 1,000 items featured every year.

Chair of the council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Cllr Peter Argyle, said: “This award is recognition of the hard work of the Waste Services team to reduce the amount of waste, produced by the council, which goes to landfill, and increase the amount of recycling done by staff.

“The team have been responsible for a series of innovative programmes which have captured the imagination and encouraged staff to be part of a major effort to reduce costs and improve efficiency.”

Committee vice-chair, Cllr Alan Buchan, said: “There has been a dramatic shift in the efforts made by staff to recycle while at work, and this is largely down to the work of the Waste Services team to raise awareness and provide the right facilities. It’s great to see that work being recognised at a national level.”

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