AWPR will improve Mearns travel

Kincardine and Mearns Councillors discussed the state of public transport at Tuesdays Area Committee meeting, with one Councillor expressing his belief that the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route would greatly improve the use of public transport in the area.

Councillor Graeme Clark explained how, currently, public transport was not favourable to using a car to get in and out of Aberdeen as both forms of transport took a long time. He said, however, that the AWPR would do much to alleviate this problem and would therefore make public transport a more attractive option.

He described the AWPR as “key” to a number of developments including the Don Crossing and also described the impact it will have in the Mearns area.

He said: “What I believe is really crucial is we have got to make public transport so attractive that people do not get into their cars on their own. Instead they get on a bus because it is faster. When we get the AWPR it will cut down congestion.”

The by-pass was originally given the go-ahead by Scottish Ministers in 2009.

Since being approved, it has faced a number of delays due to legal objections however the development looked back on track this month as a legal objection was rejected .

However one of the groups objecting the proposal are threatening to appeal the judges ruling, which would cause further delays.

In order to appeal the group objecting, Roadsense, had to lodge their appeal by Wednesday of this week and Councillor Clark said : “ I am hoping for a historic day this Thursday with the AWPR going ahead.”

The discussion about transport in the area came as a Draft Local Transport Strategy was presented to Councillors. The document identifies a number of areas it hopes to address, one of the things it highlightsis trying to encourage the use of public transport.