Backpack Project support

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Rotary supports projects at home and abroad. One project that the Stonehaven Rotary Club are supporting this year is the Backpack Project. It is hoped to involve local primary schools. At their lunch time meeting Rotarians were shown the video that will be available to show to interested groups.

The project is a simple way of helping children from poor families in countries like Malawi and Liberia get to school. Very often these families cannot afford to buy basic things like pencils and notebooks, or even suitable clothes for their children to wear to school. And so their children miss out on school and an education.

This is a tragic situation because studies show that an education is the best way a chronically poor child can escape from poverty in later life. The Backpack project helps solve this problem be providing poor children with the things they need in school. It does this by inviting people to fill up an old school bag or backpack with some everyday things, some of which you might be throwing out anyway. These backpacks will then be given out to children who really need them.

Rotary have also had a busy week delivering books to local dentists, doctors and nursing homes. It is hoped that the public will feel free to take the books that have a Rotary sticker on the front, encouraging them to read.