Battered Mars global reach

Deep Fried Mars Bar
Deep Fried Mars Bar

It’s tempting to think that here, in this quiet corner of Northeast Scotland, people can go about their business more or less unwatched by the rest of the world. Far from it.

No sooner the story about Aberdeenshire’s idea of removing a banner from the Carron Fish Bar hailing it as the “Birth Place of the World Famous Deep Fried Mars Bar“ hit national headlines last week, it also found its way into Irish papers.

In fact, in less than two days it travelled around the globe.

The story was covered by several Australian papers. The Sydney Daily Telegraph even dubbed it “Fried Mars Bar Brouhaha“. A South African news site summarised the events as “Home of deep-fried Mars bar battered“. CNBC featured the story by asking “Is this the end of Scotland’s deep-fried Mars Bar?“.

An Indian food lovers’ website published an opinion piece titled “In Defence of the Deep-Fried Mars Bar“. A columnist at ‘The Times of Oman’ took the story to yet another level by firmly taking Aberdeenshire Council’s side and presenting their action as an attempt to distance themselves from the promotion of unhealthy snacks and from the image of Scots as an army of fatties fatefully addicted to all things deep-fried. Even the online service of travel guide Lonely Planet had its say by informing readers about the banner incident.

While Aberdeenshire Council’s request to remove the advert was intended to enhance the appearance of Stonehaven, the effect has been global publicity for the Carron Fish Bar and the town itself.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if even more visitors flocked to Stonehaven now in order of taking a look at the controversial banner and the chip shop which is now well and truly world-famous.