Be on guard against bogus callers

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As Christmas approaches, and presents lie under the tree, Scottish Water is reminding customers to be vigilant and follow the ‘3 Cs’ advice to help stop bogus callers.

Bogus callers often prey on householders at this time of the year, including the vulnerable and elderly. But remembering a series of simple steps could help to send them packing.

Scottish Water are asking customers to follow the 3 Cs advice - CARD, CHECK and CALL.

When householders receive a cold call from anyone claiming to be from Scottish Water they should not, under any circumstances, open the door without first checking the caller’s identification card or letter. This should be passed through the letter box for verification as it stops a bogus caller forcing their way in, even if the door is ajar, or on a chain.

Employees will be more than happy to wait while you check their identity. We also support a number of police forces across the country in their own campaigns.

Following Scottish Water’s simple 3 C’s advice could help communities across Aberdeenshire to beat the bogus caller: Card - You can ask callers to pass their ID card or letter through the letter box in order to verify their identity.

Check - Check the identity card carefully: Is the photo on the card the same as the person at the door? Does the card contain the Scottish Water Customer Helpline number? Has the card been tampered with in any way?

If you are not confident that they are a genuine caller, then send them away!

Call - If you are in any doubt about the caller’s identity please call the Customer Helpline on 0845 601 8855. Scottish Water advise customers to contact utility companies by using phone numbers found in telephone directories or the internet, but never from ID cards or letters presented. If you are still suspicious contact a neighbour or call the police. In a bid to help protect customers against Bogus Callers, Scottish Water is again offering an Anti Bogus Caller Pack which contains a personal electronic alarm, window sensor, door viewer and UV Marker.