Beautiful Scotland judging

MONDAY 15th August is D-DAY for Stonehaven as that is the day on which Horizon will welcome three highly experienced judges to the town for a two and half hour inspection of all the work we have done, in conjunction with Aberdeenshire Council and the community, over the past year.

Stonehaven is one of 65 towns and villages across Scotland who have entered the Beautiful Scotland competition this year and during the judging each community will be assessed on the standard of our horticultural achievements, our environmental quality such as the absence of litter and graffiti, and finally our sustainable development such as composting and recycling.

Rosemary Clark, Horizon Convenor, has said she is confident that the hard work of this very committed group of volunteers will be likely to score highly in this competition.

“We need to score as many points as possible to attain another gold medal to match our 2009 award. We have made many new initiatives over the last year, in the community and schools, as well as improvements to the area in the way of the Cowie Mill Town Gateway, with its new ‘Welcome to Stonehaven’ sign which was recently completed, and the station with the new posters highlighting the attractions of the town.

“We have also formed links with Forest View Adult Training Centre and many local individuals and groups. We are looking forward to expanding these contacts over the years to come. All of which we hope will encourage more town residents to become involved to the benefit of us all and the enhancement of our whole community.

“However, we need your help, as our inspection takes place on Monday 15th August early in the morning, Horizon volunteers and council workers will all be out tidying and cleaning the town from the crack of dawn on that day and we will be looking for any litter, chip papers and fag ends left over from the weekend.

“PLEASE think about us and DON’T drop that fag end - bin it!

“They are our biggest problem nowadays; the smoking ban has created an issue that was not there in the past and our streets are littered with fag ends, usually outside the pubs, but the Market Square is also bad.

“That one small factor alone could cost us a Gold Medal and mean the town will be disadvantaged in the already difficult tourist market. Please help all you can by binning your own fag ends or if you have a business please sweep up the pavement outside at the end of the day and the whole town will benefit not just on the 15th August but every day.

“the Beautiful Scotland Awards ceremony will take place this year on the 12th September in Rothesay and two lucky Horizon members will get a chance to go “doon the water” to find out how Stonehaven has faired this year. We will have the mobiles to hand and be ready to send messages back to the town to let everyone know what grade of medal we have achieved.”