Beechgrove visit

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A team from the BBC’s Beechgrove Garden visited a scorching Johnshaven last Wednesday, with Carol Baxter as presenter.

they started off by walking through the Johnshaven Community Garden and Carol commented on how well the volunteer ‘gardeners’ had done over the past ten years, when she had last viewed it. “It has turned out exactly as we envisaged it” she said. The volunteers pointed out one or two problems they had encountered and she soon got them working on them, and gave advice on one or two additional potential problems.

The television crew went on to see the work of SHARK at the composting site, where the weeds and clippings end up. Some of the compost went into the flower tubs at the Harbour, and filming went on whilst flowers were being planted.

the visitors were quite overwhelmed by the community spirit which exists in the village. In that small exercise, the Community Garden team, SHARK, and the Heritage Society were all involved. Back at the Community Garden, the locals were presented with a variety of plants, and a very handsome bench. On it is a plaque which reads Johnshaven Community Garden Supported by the Beechgrove Garden 10th Anniversary 2012. Donated by Alistair Morgan.