Behave on Bonfire Night​ say police

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Grampian Police is encouraging Aberdeenshire residents to have the safest and most enjoyable Bonfire Night possible.

Crime reduction officers have outlined some tips to help everyone keep safe and secure. They have issued some simple guidance to help ensure they pass safely, avoiding irresponsible or antisocial behaviour.

Crime reduction officer Andrew Rankin, said: “The past few years have seen Bonfire Night pass fairly quietly in Aberdeenshire, but there are still residents affected by a minority who behave antisocially and ruin what should be a fun and family-orientated time of the year.

Around Bonfire Night Aberdeenshire officers will be taking action against any anti-social behaviour, fire-raising or inappropriate use of fireworks.

Legislation makes it an offence:

For retailers to supply fireworks to any person under 18

For a member of the public under 18 to possess fireworks in a public place

To use fireworks between 11pm and 7am each night, with the exception to allow use until midnight on November 5

To set off fireworks in a public place ·

To sell airbombs or any firework which produce sound pressure levels exceeding 120 decibels.

Grampian Police will, where required, enforce this legislation and will link with partners in relation to the application of antisocial behaviour legislation against any individuals or groups who behave in a manner that disrupts the wellbeing of their communities.

Police and Community Wardens ask people to consider the feelings of others this Bonfire Night and appeal to parents to ensure children behave in a sensible way.

PC Rankin added: “This should be a time when people enjoy themselves and we are reminding parents that children who are caught committing anti-social acts will have action taken against them.

“Public safety is our prime concern, whether at Halloween, on Bonfire night, or any other time of the year.

“As is our normal practice, police officers will take appropriate action where required to protect the public and detect crime.”

Mike Cordiner of Grampian Fire and Rescue Service’s Risk Reduction team said: “It’s an exciting time of year. We want folk to enjoy themselves but to do it safely.

“I’d urge people to attend official events as these are usually stewarded and safer to take children to. Unofficial bonfires can quickly get out of control causing injury and property damage.

“It’s a busy time of year for the fire and rescue service and antisocial wilful fires can lead to delays in our response to genuine life-threatening incidents.”