Bervie bunker will leave you shaken, not stirred.

BUDDING evil masterminds, or perhaps 007 himself, have been given the perfect opportunity to relocate to the Mearns.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th July 2010, 3:12 pm

The Guard House, in Inverbervie, is a scenic two bedroom property that looks like a peaceful rural cottage which boasts glorious views of the North Sea and overlooks the Royal Burgh.

But underneath, it houses an unusual secret - a 5625 sq ft underground, military bunker.

It is believed that the structure, which sits 59 ft below the surface, was built by the Ministry of Defence as a communications centre in 1952 and was used until the end of the Cold War in the 1980s.

And now its current owner has put it back on the market after 12 years, for offers over 250,000.

The Guard House has been converted into a family home, complete with a bedroom, kitchen, dining area and bathroom, with a spiralling staircase that leads upstairs to the second, larger, bedroom.

A narrow corridor leads down to the war time bunker, which is protected with 10ft thick walls and holds a plant room for generating power in an emergency.

The rooms on the main floor comprise of a kitchen and toilet facilities along with 12 other rooms of various dimensions thought to have been used as operation rooms. There is also a set of large steel doors which lead to a safe room.

Douglas Burnett, principle of Burnett and Co solicitors said the bunker was comparable to something from a James Bond movie. He said: "This is an opportunity to purchase a truly unique property. It transcends into a labyrinth of rooms with one area reflecting a Second World War plotting centre or something out of the James Bond movie Dr No."

He also added that since hitting the property market last week, there has been considerable interest in the property and many "intriguing" possibilities as to what to do with the bunker. He said: "It is intriguing to consider what private use in this day and age such a vast underground facility could be utilised for. Some suggestions have been a mushroom farm or a large wine store and if the site had been in a more accessible location it would have made a superb night club. However this is when a purchaser will have the opportunity to exercise their flair and imagination!"