Bervie Gala

BERVIE Gala Week was a resounding success, despite the heavy rain spoiling Saturday’s main Gala Day. At the Gala Disco the Royal party were choosen, King Liam Stewart; Queen Courvette Ferguson; Prince Owen Meiklejohn; Princess Lucy Keith.

Scavenger Hunt winners were, Pre~School Archie Taylor; P1-P5 John Seaton; P6-S2 Ewan Lounie; S3-Up Wilma Mowatt. Special thanks to Inverbervie Pre-School for their hard work on the Scavenger Hunt.

Duck Race: Race 1: 1 Rachel Mowatt; 2 Mrs Guild; 3 Mrs Guild. Race 2: 1 Stephen Machlachlan; 2 Rachel Wilson; 3 Brian Duncan. Race 3: 1 Lynda Duncan; 2 Drew Munro; 3 Elaine Mitchell. Special thanks go to guest compere Leigh Wilson.

Pet Show: Small Animals: Abbie Dorward with Bobo the Chinchilla. Cats Fianaid Davidson with Dennis. Small Dogs Katielouise Davidson with Shep. Large Dogs Hazel Hamilton~Hall with Kia. Overall winner Katielouise Davidson with Shep.

Special thanks to Bervie Youth Club for their efforts at the Kids Pet Show.

Pub Quiz winners were Team 3sss: Jinky Gordon, Stewart Strachan and John Strachan. Thanks to the Crown for hosting the quiz.

Thanks to The Salutation for hosting Pool, Darts and Dominoes. Winners were Pool Gordon Meldrum; Darts David Hay; Doms Ivor McBay.

Thanks also to Alan Reid and his team for organising the Bingo Evening. Heritage Trail Winners: Adult Amanda Smith. Children Devin Roberts, Adam Smith and Sarah Smith. Thanks to Willie Beattie for his hard work on the Heritage Trail and to Tommy Smith for the football competitions.

the Cake Raffle was won by Mrs Julie Thow.

Citizen of the Year was awarded to Willie Beattie for his contribution to the community over the years.

Special thanks to Andrew Jones for another fantastic job of compering the Gala.