Bervie Gala week 2012

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It was a busy week in Inverbervie last week as bervie Gala week was in full swing. A whole range of events took place throughout the week climaxing on Saturday with Bervie Gala Day.

The Royal Party were picked out of a hat from this years Gala Disco on Friday 8th June, to Officially open the Gala day with Gala Mascot Sherbet the bear.

Sunday 10th June saw the Scavenger Hunt and Annual Duck Race with 100 spectators watching the “usual Hilarity” of the Duck Race.

Scavanger Hunt Winners:

Pre-School: Ava Taylor

P1-P4: Emilie Peters

P5-S2: Caitlin Beedie

S3 and up: Jordan Hay & Dale Karpinski

Duck Race Winners on the day were:

Race 1, Lewis McKenzie £50, Eric Jeul £25, Elaine Reid £10.

Race 2, Nicola Anderson £50, Daniel Eddie £25, Euan Lownie £10,

Race 3, Wayne Fairbanks £50, Cerys Pittendrich £25, Lewis Forbes £10,

Race 4,(half a race) Betty Abernethy £25, Linda Mowatt £12.50, and finally Anna Davies £5.

Monday 11th June saw the 2nd Annual Kids Pet Show, Winners as follows.

Small Animals Catagory: Frostie the Rabbit with Sisters Lauren and Casey Bisset

Cats: Einstein with Nicola Thomson

Small Dogs: Morag with Michael Davidson

Medium Dogs: Lilly with Emma Forster

Large Dogs: Becky with Sisters Rosa and Amelie Jackson

Over all Winner was Einstein the cat and her owner Nicola Thomson.

Tuesday 12th Night Saw the Pool, Darts and Dominoes at The Salutation Hotel, Winners:

Pool: David Hay

Darts: Bruce Dorward

Dominoes: James Peter

Wednesday 13th Night’s Pub Quiz which is held at The Crown Hotel saw

Team “Bewildered and Confused” Winning with

Team members Tim and Juliet Lovering & Colin and Fiona Hogg.

The “Newest Addition” To Bervie Gala week is The family Window Competition, ran by FoBS (Friends of Bervie School) for Bervie Gala.

It was a great Turn out and the winners on the night were

1 Adult winner: Mrs Vicki Fraser

3 Childrens winners:

John Seaton

Jamie & Charlie Burness

Erin Reid

Thursday 14th June: Junior Football Winners:

P1-P3 Winners: Bervie Caley

Under 12’s Winners: Marion FC

Under 16’s Winners: Irenes boys

Friday 15th June: senior football

Winners: only one carrot

Runners up: mearns united

Announced on Gala day were Young Person of the Year and Citizen of the year:

Young Person of the Year 2012 is Sophie Smith:

Sophe was awarded Young Person of the Year for her Volntery work within the community through Girl Guides, Street Dance (Showcase the street) and work with Bervie Play Parks.

And Finally: Bervies Citizen of the Year 2012 is Bob Chassar:

Bob was awarded Citizen of the Year for his service to the local community by serving 40 years at Inverbervie Fire Station.

Bob retired on 31st may 2012 as Crew manager at Inverbervie after serving as one of The longest Serving employees at Grampian Fire & Rescue Service.