Bervie Probus

Inverbervie and District Probus Club met in the Crown Hotel on Tuesday April 2. President John Gillespie had taken souvenir photos of the tables at our Evening Out Dinner in the St Cyrus Hotel the previous week and each member received a beautifully reproduced set.

Programme Secretary John Mackenzie introduced our speaker Geoffrey Lambton (a Stonehaven Probus Member) from Newtonhill. After many years in the Oil Industry, Geoffrey accepted a situation with Lloyds Register Insurers in order to inspect along with a team the ships’ cargoes in the ‘Land of Jordan’ - the title of his Presentation. He and his team were not looking for drugs or munitions, but commodities that were not “acceptable” to Jordan or the adjacent countries - goods that were not necessarily the remit of Customs and Excise. Jordan is the land where the famous and romantic places mentioned in the Old Testament exist - the Dead Sea (one of the lowest spots on Earth), the ancient site of Petra - to name but two examples. Not built, but hewn out of living rock, Petra has been called a “rose-red city,half as old as time”.

Although Geoffrey’s computer had been functioning previously, it misbehaved this morning and refused to show some of the marvellous pictures he had brought along to show us. He has agreed to come back and give us a re-run of what obviously was a highly interesting and informative lecture, well worth a second look. What a pity that so much these days depends on electronics which can’t always be depended on!

Probus Member Bill Mair conveyed our appreciation in his Vote of Thanks. “Look into the rock whence you are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence you are digged.” (Isaiah ch.52, v.1)