Bid to revitalise ‘living memorial’ to Great War

The memorial tree at Dunnottar Church.
The memorial tree at Dunnottar Church.
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Asecond, less well known war memorial exists in Stonehaven according to information received by the Mearns Leader.

It follows on from our recent article looking at the town’s imposing war memorial on Black Hill, unveiled 91 years ago last week.

The comemmoration plaque, erected during a sermon in 1919.

The comemmoration plaque, erected during a sermon in 1919.

On Friday, July 6, 1919, a tree was planted during a ceremony at Dunnottar Church.

It was to act as a ‘living memorial,’ a constant reminder of the price paid by the people of the town during the war.

A plaque erected next to the tree states: ‘This tree was planted on July 6, 1919, in honour of those parishioners who fought in the Great War.’

Mr Donald McRae, who contacted the Leader, explained that he had been working to bring the memorial back to the attention of the public.

He said: “On behalf of the Kirk Session of Dunnottar Church, I have been attempting to bring this memorial back into accessible public viewing.

“It is now registered with the War Memorial Trust and I am in the process of applying for funding from them to have a path built to it.

“The intention is to further develop the area surrounding the commemoration tree if possible, and this may incorporate a small garden and seating area.”

The year 2014 marksa century since the outbreak of the First World War - also known as ‘the Great War - which continued until 1918 when the Germans surrendered.