Big turnout needed for ‘Big Debate’

ST JAMES' Chruch in Stonehaven will be the setting for BBC Radio's 'Big Debate' show to discuss flooding.
ST JAMES' Chruch in Stonehaven will be the setting for BBC Radio's 'Big Debate' show to discuss flooding.

A STONEHAVEN resident has called for members of the community to turn out in force when a national radio programme focusing on flooding broadcasts from the town today (Friday).

BBC Radio 4 will be airing their show Brian Taylor’s ‘Big Debate’ from St James’ Church on Arbuthnott Street between noon and 1pm, and locals have already been given the chance to apply to be a part of the audience.

But Frieda Burns, who is a member of the Flood Action Group, encouraged as many people as possible to turn out whether they have a ticket or not, as a public way of showing that the people of the town still have many concerns about flooding.

She said: “I am hoping to get a crowd of people down there on Friday. This is the perfect opportunity for people here to show that they are still more than a little concerned about what is going to happen regarding the flooding situation.

“If people were to turn out in numbers it would let everyone know that we are still concerned. After the flooding in 2009 people’s concerns seemed to fizzle out and get forgotten about. We were told it was a once in 200-years event. We have to make sure that does not happen this time, and we have to try and keep people talking about it.”

Frieda, whose home was flooded in December, added: “The High Street at the moment is like a ghost town. It’s horrible. We are all doing up her houses wondering if it is just going to happen all over again. I’m terrified every time it rains.

“If something is not done it will affect house prices in the town, who will want to move here? And also who will want to come and visit? We are still recovering from the flooding in 2009.”

Although audience spaces have already been allocated to those who applied, Frieda said that a big turnout outside the church would be a good way to physically make a statement about the amount of people in Stonehaven who have been affected and continue to have concerns about flooding in the town.

The broadcast will take place between noon and 1pm, and the audience is welcome from 11.15am onwards.