Bright barriers on Bervie Braes ‘highlight risk’

The barriers line the newly-opened road
The barriers line the newly-opened road

The Bervie Braes road - which leads from Dunnottar Castle in to Stonehaven - has been re-opened for the summer months, after being closed for several years.

While the move, which sees the road open from April until September with a three tonne weight limit and 20mph speed limit, has been welcomed by locals, some members of the community have expressed their displeasure over the appearance of the safety barriers lining the route.

They are a bold red and white, meaning they are very noticeable from a distance, and some have claimed that it “spoils” the view of the town as you enter from the north.

Aberdeenshire Council’s head of roads and landscape services, Philip McKay, said: “The barriers which were installed on the Bervie Braes road have a two-fold purpose - the first, to offer some protection to passing motorists should land slips occur; and the second, to highlight the risk of landslips to road users.

“The barriers have been put in place as part of the risk mitigation measures necessary to allow the road to be reopened to traffic over the summer season.

“The stability of the slope and the performance of the barriers will be kept under review during this year’s seasonal opening.”